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Here you will find a list of the abbreviations used at Carus.



We are happy to keep you informed about our new publications. Our current magazines and catalogs can be found in our website download area. We will also be glad to send you catalogues by post if you prefer. Just send us an email and we'll add you to our mailing list.

We can also assist you in advertising your concerts and other public relations work! Would you like to use the cover of the Carus edition for your advertising? Cover photos of sheet music or images from the Carus-Verlag website may be used to advertise your events with no further consent required. We will also be glad to provide you with a graphic suitable for your advertising work either for free or for a small fee. Just contact us to ask!



Copyright law expressly forbids the copying of scores. Important information on this topic can be found here.


Data Protection

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Here you can read our privacy policy.


Degrees of difficulty

Here you can find a list of the degrees of difficulty used at Carus:

1 easy

2 easy to medium

3 medium

4 medium to difficult

5 difficult




Again and again, we are asked if we offer discounts for teachers, etc.. Our scores and books are subject to German rules on fixed book pricing, which excludes any rebates or discounts on the sale of books and scores to private individuals. This law was passed for good reason and is the main reason why music shops and bookstores remain in business in Germany unlike in other countries. We do offer a discount for teachers, but only on our volumes designated as educational books for school.


Download Area

Flyers and catalogs, order forms, rental score requests, etc. can be found here.



We go to great lengths to ensure that our scores are free of errors. But scores are very complex documents and, unfortunately, there always remain a significant risk of errors creeping in. Our work is not finished once the score is published; we are very interested in improving it before the next print run. So, if you have found an error or even a questionable point, LET US KNOW! We will check it over, give you a precise answer to query, and correct the error in future reprints if necessary. Thank you very much for your help.


General Terms and Conditions

Here you will find a link to our General Terms and Conditions.




Do you wish to submit one of your own compositions for consideration by Carus? Or to submit a work by a third party? More information can be found here.




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Important information about placing online orders and ordering through your local specialist shop; options to order single scores; delivery times, delivery costs, our prices, and much more can be found here.


Performance Rights

Questions about the performance of theatrical and non-theatrical works are answered here.


Rental Material

We will make an individual offer in response to your request to rent orchestral scores. We will need to know a number of details from you, including the number of performances, the nature of the event, the venue, the performers, and the like. Please complete the Order Form in full. If you have any questions, our lending department will be glad to help; please send an email to leihmaterial@carus-verlag.com.


Full text search on our website gives you the option of finding our products easily and quickly. Type the search text and press enter (if you do not press the enter key, the first hits are shown directly below the search field). To reduce the number of hits e.g. by genre, scoring, type of product, after seeing the initial hits for your search, we offer you the option of using the filters on the left hand side. In addition, you can also display composer and category hits which match your search terms via the upper right tab. Please note: if you enter an article number in the search field, it should be without full stops or slashes, e.g. "4000100", not Carus "40.001/00".
The category Search choral music sheet music also offers an alternative search for browsing and discovering choral music by using several filters on the left hand side.


Separate editions

For the pieces in our choral collections for which Carus-Verlag owns all of the rights, we also offer inexpensive single scores that can also be ordered online from Carus. This service is constantly being expanded and will eventually be for all of our older choral collections. You can find the separate editions by searching for the titles of the individual pieces or on the contents pages of the choral collection which will list the titles of the individual pieces (the small notes symbol indicates the availability of the score as a single title).


Scientific and posthumous editions

Scientific and first editions are copyright according to §70 and §71 of the German Copyright Act (UrhG). Please read more at VG Musikedition.