How to order?


Where can I order?

Orders can be placed with your local music shop (list of retailers) or by calling Carus Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm (Central European Time; 2:30 am–9:30 am New York time) at +49 (0) 711-797 330 0. Orders can also be faxed to +49 (0) 711-797330 29, per Mail: or placed online through this website.

Our prices

The prices listed are in Euros and are valid only in Germany as binding, fixed retail prices including VAT. Our scores and books are subject to German rules on fixed book pricing, which excludes any rebates or discounts on the sale of books and scores to private individuals. Please note that prices may vary for CDs and for purchases in other countries, depending on the retailer. The right to change prices, correct errors, and delivery options is reserved.

We cannot guarantee despatch on the day you place your order, but we will do our best if you indicate you would like this on your order and submit it by 11am at the latest.


Carus Shipping Costs/Times

A list of shipping costs and expected delivery times for orders from Carus-Verlag are listed here and under the respective shipping methods. Please note: deliveries to a Deutsche Post Packstation are, as a rule, not possible.

Minimum Order Quantity

Copies of our single scores and affordable choral editions are only available when a minimum number (usually 20) are ordered. Larger orders are always possible and may offer a discount. Exceptions to this rule are made only in certain justified cases; a surcharge for small quantities will be added to the price.

Separate editions

For the pieces in our choral collections for which Carus-Verlag owns all of the rights, we also offer inexpensive single scores that can also be ordered online from Carus. This service is constantly being expanded and will eventually be for all of our older choral collections . You can find the single scores by searching for the titles of the individual pieces or on the contents pages of the choral collection which will list the titles of the individual pieces.


See § 3 and § 8 of our General Terms and Conditions: