Kölner Akademie

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The Kölner Akademie has made a name for its distinctive and historically accurate performances of music from the 17th to 21st centuries. By using original orchestral seatings, instrumentation appropriate to the work (whether modern or historical instruments) and critical editions, the ensemble strives to do justice to the composer’s original intentions. The Kölner Akademie performs at leading international festivals and has received the highest accolades for its performances in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. The ensemble’s CD series “Forgotten Treasures,” highly praised in the music press, now stands at ten recordings of a planned total of fifteen. These include world premiere recordings of works by lesser-known composers including Cru sell, Danzi, Pichl, Vanhal, Wilms, Romberg, Neu - komm, Fischer, Kunc, Jeanjean, D’Alvimare and Streibelt. In the fall of 2009, the Kölner Akademie began recording a complete cycle of Mozart piano concertos with Ronald Brautigam.