Cappella Sagittariana Dresden

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In the 1970s there arose out of the Dresden Staatskapelle of Saxony an early-music ensemble which called itself the Cappella Sagittariana Dresden. Its moving spirits were the musicians Bernd Haubold (viola da gamba and violone), Wolfram Just (violin and viola d’amore) and Wolfram Steude (organ continuo). The group developed into one of the leading ensembles of its kind in what was then Germany’s Eastern bloc. In the years that followed, it undertook numerous concert tours to such places as St. Petersburg, West Germany, and other European countries. Active collaboration with well-known musicians like the tenor Peter Schreier and the early-music specialist Frieder Bernius brought further recognition. In September 2006 the ensemble formed the new “Cappella Sagittariana Dresden” by merging with the “Alte Musik Dresden,” a group established in 1993 by members of the Dresden Philharmonie which had devoted itself mainly to the rediscovery of the Central German and Saxon musical heritage. The merger took place at a very symbolic location, namely the chapel of the Dresden court palace (Residenzschloss): an indication that the musicians would continue to feel a special commitment to the works of Heinrich Schütz (Henricus Sagittarius).

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